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Live Oak Brewing to Start Canning

Last week I had the pleasure of touring the Live Oak Brewing Company  in East Austin. This is one of the finest brewery tours I’ve ever been on. I highly recommend checking them out on a Saturday if you ever get the chance. Our tour was given by the friendly and knowledgeable Colin Ferguson, who offered particularly insightful information about beer history. I really came away with the sense of purpose and tradition Live Oak brings to their brewing.

Live Oak

Anyway, on to the exciting news: Cans are coming! After 17 years, Austin’s oldest craft brewery will be packaging their beer. This is great news for the Austin craft beer scene.

Live Oak will be relocating to a larger facility, once the new brewery is built, that is. Construction is set to begin in the next couple of weeks. Live Oak’s new brewery will greatly increase production. The additional output will be used to propel their canning line. The new brewery will be situated on 20 acres of undeveloped land on the Colorado River just north of the airport, according to Wikipedia. They are hoping to be in their new digs by the Fall of 2015.

Will the canning go beyond their core four—Pilz, Big Bark, Hefeweizen, Liberation IPA—or will their seasonal offerings also find their way into aluminum? I’m not sure. I do know they will continue to brew in horizontal tanks, as opposed to the more common conical shaped equipment. Horizontal tanks are ideal for top fermenting yeast, optimal for the lagering process. Lastly, Live Oak will continue to self distribute in Texas only. They believe in quality control and keeping a close eye on their product.

Do you know anything about Live Oak’s new move? Hit me up in the comments section or let’s get a growler of Live Oak Pilz and watch the construction.

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