Craft Taste


What is your favorite beer?

The one in my hand.

What type of beers will you be blogging about? 

My primary focus will be local craft beers. I believe in supporting local brewers, it’s good for the local economy, good for the environment. Of course, there are so many good beers out there, I can’t limit myself to regional brews.

What kinds of beers do you like?

I prefer more full-flavored beers and I am definitely a hop head. I love Belgian styles, stouts, porters, IPAs and anything with “Imperial” in the title. However, I think every beer should be judged against other beers of that style. I will never criticize a beer because it’s not my preferred style. I care about how well beers are made. I also believe every beer has a time and place.

Are you a home brewer?

I am not currently. I have helped out on my fair share of home brew batches, but currently I am not a home brewer. I would like to eventually to start and work that into the blog. If you want to get together and do a collaboration brew feel free to contact me.

What kinds of places will you be writing about? 

Local bars, pubs, and bottle shops mostly. I will include travel posts as part of the blog.

Are you on Untappd?

I am. Connect with me here.