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Barks for Beers

May 1st-31st

The 3rd annual Barks for Beers is back. 20 local craft breweries have teamed up to support Divine Canines, a local non-profit organization that provides free animal-assisted therapy in Central Texas. The organization’s dog-handler teams have been improving the lives of hundreds of children, adults, and elderly persons in the Austin area since 2004. Divine Canine’s volunteers utilize the healing bond between humans dogs to assist and enrich the lives of those they serve. The dogs deliver unconditional love, affection, gentle exercise and companionship thereby promoting physical and emotional wellness.

Divine Canines


You can help support Divine Canines through their Barks for Beers event. Buy a Divine Canines pint glass for $20 at one of the participating retailers and receive a pawsport to participating breweries for the month of May. Enjoy one free pour at:

Divine Canines pint glass and ‘Pawsport’ can be purchased at participating breweries or these local retailers:

Cheers to the breweries, Divine Canines, and those healing pups. This short video provides a little more info about the mission and organization.


One thought on “Barks for Beers

  1. Lynn Sheppard

    This is one your cousin Anne would really get behind. Her dog Chip was a therapy dog for an elementary school. What a wonderful idea! As usual, loved your article. Beer, dogs, helping people, it’s a win, win, win!

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