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Alamo Drafthouse Launches Monthly Beer Spotlight Program

The Alamo Drafthouse beer list Badass Tap List just got a little more Badass. Beginning in September, the Alamo Drafthouse will now highlight a different style of beer every month. The inaugural flavor-of-the-month will appropriately be Oktoberfest.  From the press release:

The program kicks off in September with a celebration of Oktoberfest – or Märzen style – beers. Where available, the renowned Oktoberfest offerings from heavy-hitters Shiner, Sam Adams and Brooklyn Brewery will be featured at Alamo and Glass Half Full locations. There will also be selections of Oktoberfest-style beers from local and regional craft breweries specially curated by each location. 

“With this new program, we’re looking to the beer geeks on our staffs to really highlight different seasonal styles for our guests in our theaters and in our Glass Half Full Tap Rooms,” said Beverage Director Bill Norris. “Stay tuned for someAlamo Drafthouse Launches Monthly Beer Spotlight Program cool stuff we’ve got up our sleeves going forward too.

Oktoberfest Alamo Drafthouse

The Oktoberfest style, also known as Märzen or Märzenbier, was traditionally brewed in Germany during the month of March. März is the German word for March.  The beer was then cellared to survive the Spring and Summer months. Before refrigeration was widespread, brewing in Germany was verboten between April and September to prevent spoilage. The Märzenbier was released throughout  the warmer months. but once the Fall season arrived it was time to drink up.  The supply of Märzenbier had to be consumed to make room for the fruits of the new harvest.

This style of beer is malt driven, the hops take a backseat, but they’re still along for the ride. I’ll let Adan Del Torre  of the Drafthouse describe it for you.


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