Craft Taste


Man holding beer

Hi, my name is Chris and I like beer. I was raised in a craft-beer loving and home brewing family. My parents helped foster my passion for quality ales and lagers and after drinking my way through my Dad’s home brew supply, I fled the East Coast and relocated to Austin. I love the Austin beer community and am thrilled by how the craft offerings have exploded in the last five years.

This blog is my way of showing support to the artisans that create craft beer. I want to draw attention to finely crafted beer and the bars and pubs that serve it. I’m married to pop culture blogger Mad Betty and we’ve gained some pretty important attention. Check out what people are saying:

“Chris and Kristin are the power couple of Austin blogging!” -Nobody

“Um, so this is what you’re doing now? But these blogs don’t make any money, right?” -Our parents

“Sooooo happy to see another beer blog in Austin. There aren’t a million already.” -Austin bloggers

Hope you enjoy my ramblings and I hope you enjoy a good beer today.